Friday Link Roundup

What’s good this week? Let’s see:

Internet Radio in a Classic Cathedral Case – rather than destroying an old radio, nick.r.brewer built an entirely new case in the same style to house an Internet-streaming radio platform for the Pi Hack-a-Day contest. No vintage radios were really harmed in the making, either! [Hack-a-Day]


Dyna SCA-35 Integrated Amplifier – Seventies Stereo takes the clothes off a 1971 kit amplifier, featuring 12AX7s and 7199s feeding stereo push-pull EL84 output tubes good for 17.5W per channel. It’s pretty! I’d change out those caps, though. [Seventies Stereo]


Restoration of JVC MX-J170V Component System – Repair shop and electronics repair training center owner Jestine Yong in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia shows off a fairly complex repair of a modern CD boombox system. Interesting! [Jestine Yong]


The Swamp Cooler – The Daily WTF reminds me why I left a career in IT administration, with a tale of ad-hoc server rooms and swamp coolers that brings back a flood of memories. Electronics, heat, and water don’t mix. [The Daily WTF]


Discogs vinyl-tracking app goes wide – If you’re a record collector, chances are you spend some time digging through bins at music stores and anywhere else, hoping to get lucky and find that one rare album. This app for your phone tries to help with that goal, aggregating market pricing, searching for record info, and managing your collection and wishlist. Looks interesting, shame I’m not much for vinyl myself! [Engadget]


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