Idea Poll: A tutorial on buying parts online?

Once again, I’ve been asked “Where do you buy your parts?” and that’s a question that comes up very regularly. (My answer?, of course.)

I’ve heard from quite a few people over the years that can be intimidating for new hobbyists to navigate, though, and I can understand it. They sell everything under the sun for electronics and it’s designed primarily for professionals. The ecosystem of smaller vendors selling curated selections of common capacitors, resistors, etc. with simple, friendly websites (and a somewhat higher price) serves as further support for this position.

Really, though, for many if not most types of parts you’ll buy for common radio and stereo repairs there’s not much to it and once you’ve seen it once or twice it’s second nature.

If I went through and wrote a tutorial on how to navigate and find common parts, is that something anyone would find useful? I imagine that of the people reading this blog, there’s a mix of advanced hobbyists and professionals who already know the drill alongside casual hobbyists and beginners who might not have taken the time to explore it just yet.

What do you think?

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