Assembling Transistor Radios in 1955

Here’s a great documentary short from 1955 showing how portable transistor radios were assembled. It’s super retro! (2:35)

Want to learn more about transistors? Just a few years later the US Information Agency produced an 8-minute short film about the brief history, design, and commercial applications of the newly invented Germanium transistor. Love the retro graphics!

Very cool!

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2 Responses to Assembling Transistor Radios in 1955

  1. David DeRosier says:

    This is just one of many Electronic Components that were developed in the USA and later copied by the Japanese and later China and eventually put the American Company that developed it”Out of Business”.

  2. petepdx says:

    It is a pity almost everything has been lost or thrown out by bean counters. In the 80’s I got to watch a couple 16 MM films from Texas Instruments detailing how their first mass production line worked. What they didn’t tell you is was really IBM’s design and a good part of was actually built by IBM.

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