A Question

I’m trying to figure out ways to grow my audience and get a few more readers around here, other than just re-posting repair stories. So, readers: what would you like to see more of? Round-ups of interesting speakers and gear to buy from various places? Links and comments about cool projects from other people on the web? More Q&As of the various questions people e-mail me asking about random electronics and audio topics?

Let me know!

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10 Responses to A Question

  1. Guy Prince says:

    Hey man! I started up and ran a food blog that debuted in 2003, started to dwindle out maybe 7 years later. Back then, it wasn’t so much what exactly you were posting about, it was about the author. Sure, I’m interested in the theme of each post. But I’m more interested in the person behind the pen. Quirks, passion, different angles and thoughts. It’s nice to get a different perspective and thought process. It’s about an adventure!
    – Guy Prince

  2. David DeRosier says:

    I would like to see aarticle about building a distribution system for use with antique radios. I haveto use an antenna switch to switch my long wire antenna bettween my four antique radios. Most distributions amps I can find start out a 5 mhz.

    • jwk says:

      Now that’s an interesting thought. I’ve seen some plans, but one issue that’s often troublesome with these vintage radios is that most good quality distribution amplifiers assume a controlled impedance input (usually 50 Ohms); an antique radio’s input impedance varies wildly between make/model and across the range of frequencies. I’ll dig around and see if I can’t find one that might work, though.

      • David DeRosier says:

        Thank You. I enjoy playing the radios I have restored but it is a nusance to run down stairs and flip the switch all the time.

  3. cgjung9 says:

    Basic electronic circuit lessons! Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to apply them to the old radios or even modern electronic gear. I love to learn exactly what is going on in those wires and components and how they are called, etc . For example, a post on the flip flop circuit, a few examples using different transistors, the fact that the computer today has it in it’s development lineage, and exactly which electrons and charges are doing what, when….

    • jwk says:

      Not a bad idea, there’s better resources than I out there for lessons, though. It takes a lot of time to set up those experiments and write them up well enough so they’re useful, and I doubt I’d be offering much new beyond what’s already out there!

  4. Walter Czyz says:

    If you haven’t already, easily create a FB page which can be “liked”, quickly “shared” and speed like a wildfire sound the world versus a slow blog. Just my 2¢. FB is set-up to quickly and easily add comments, like, share, add pictures. With this blog, any comment requires your email and name each time.

    • Walter Czyz says:

      I forgot to mention one more step, with each comment you also need to confirm an email afterwards, which I now will need to do with this comment…

      Something I would like to see for myself as well as other non-techie people, would be detailed pics of various receivers you repair, varying from the cheaper to the high-end. I’m sure that you don’t get a lot of the low-end units in your hop though. Maybe some do-it-yourself tips & tricks to help keep your receiver running better for longer? Possibly adding details on the replacement parts as well as where and how much they cost? Possible links?
      Keep up the great work!

      • jwk says:

        I’ll see about some Tips and Tricks section, too. As far as low- to high-end stuff…yeah, not a lot of the entry level gear has made it this long, so I’m pretty lucky it’s always mid to high end stuff in the shop. Worth thinking about, though – overview photos more than just repair stories. Thanks for the ideas!

    • jwk says:

      Walter-Good points! Rain City Audio has a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RainCityAudio) although I don’t have one for this particular blog just yet. I’ll definitely think about it!

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