Free Your Keurig 2.0 with the Keurig Freedom Clip

I wrote about how the Keurig 2.0 single-serving coffee maker came crippled by built-in DRM, locking you into using only “authorized” coffee servings in the new version of the machine a few weeks back. Enterprising users figured out how to use some scotch tape and the top of a Keurig-branded pod over the sensor to fool it into accepting any coffee serving, but even still, that’s not the most durable fix. Water, steam and a flimsy piece of tape aren’t a great mix and the last thing you want is having to fiddle with tape and optical sensors first thing in the morning just to get your fix.

It gets even better, though: the Keurig 2.0 DRM Freedom Clip! The coffee masters over at the Rogers Family Company, manufacturers of fully biodegradable single-serving coffee pods, figured out the special color Keurig uses to authenticate the cups and produced a clip that fits over the optical sensor with that color on the top face. It clips right in, once, and stays there forever. And the best part?


That’s right: it costs NOTHING, not even postage.

You should probably buy some coffee from them for making this hack possible, but this is fantastic and definitely worth checking out.

Thanks, Rogers Family Gourmet Coffee!

[Keurig DRM Freedom Clip]


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