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Bose 901 Series IV #244005 Repair by Rain City Audio

Cross-posted from the Rain City Audio Repair Blog: Bose® 901 Series IV equalizers are coming through the shop more regularly in the past year. It’s expected as these are definitely getting up there in years. This one was sounding muddy … Continue reading

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How Speakers Make Sound

If you’re looking for a great visual primer on how speakers convert electricity into the music you hear, check out this fantastic animated infographic by Jacob O’Neil at Animagraffs  How Speakers Make Sound

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Support KF7LZE’s Blog During the Holidays

It takes a lot to keep these quality articles and projects coming! If you’ve found something you’ve read here useful, maybe you’d consider taking a few very simple steps to support KF7LZE’s Blog around the holidays? It’s very easy, and … Continue reading

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