Keurig 2.0 Hack: Make Any Coffee You Want

I’m a bit late to the game for this particular trend on the Internet, but it’s definitely worth sharing. If you drink coffee in the mornings, you’ve probably heard of Keurig and their single-serving K-Cup style of brewing coffee. Pop a pod into the machine, push a button, and out comes an amount of coffee. The original version of these machines would happily brew anything you put into it, as long as it was the right size. Keurig also sold officially-branded coffee pods to use in their machines, but other companies made them too.

Enter the Keurig 2.0. Under the guise of delivering a better coffee experience, somehow, Keurig developed a special kind of ink to use on their K symbol on the lids of these new cups. A complex optical reflectivity measurement system ensures that you’re using an authentic Keurig coffee serving, or the coffee maker will refuse to brew your coffee. I assume they didn’t enjoy losing out on the revenue stream of providing the pods and thought this would be a good way to ensure they controlled the supply of coffee you could purchase.

Unfortunately for them, it turns out people really did enjoy the hundreds of unique varieties of coffee which Keurig didn’t authorize and provided a diverse selection of products which would work in the system. And it also turns out that, when you take away people’s choices in the name of greed, people will find a way around it.

But now, we have the Keurig Hack:

Simply peel off the lid of a “legitimate” Keurig-branded coffee pod, and scotch tape it to the optical sensor. Now, your coffee maker which was artificially crippled by the greed of the manufacturer will continue to brew any of the alternative coffee products dozens of other companies have produced.

I’ve been looking at buying a Keurig machine for a while – making coffee in the mornings is a bit of a pain, and this system really takes the hassle out, but I don’t care for most of the generic selections they offer. Now that this hack is out in the wild, I’ll probably pull the trigger in the next few months, since now I can use any kind of coffee I want. It’s a little expensive, but break-even point is about 3 months of Starbucks drip coffee on the way to work, so it’s easy to justify.

Happy brewing!

[Hack-a-Day] and [Lifars]

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