Support KF7LZE’s Blog During the Holidays

It takes a lot to keep these quality articles and projects coming! If you’ve found something you’ve read here useful, maybe you’d consider taking a few very simple steps to support KF7LZE’s Blog around the holidays? It’s very easy, and doesn’t require much: just do the shopping you’d already do for the holidays, after clicking a link!

Amazon: If you’ll buy anything on Amazon this holiday season, consider buying through my Amazon Affiliate Link. Referred sales generate a tiny percentage in commission for me that will help to keep running the site and publishing new content.

Come back here and click through (or bookmark my affiliate link), and shop as normal. Every little bit helps! Shop Amazon with KF7LZE

eBay: The same applies to eBay, too. Simply click through my affiliate link and shop as normal – a tiny percentage of whatever you win, or purchase with Buy It Now, will go to my affiliate account and help keep the projects flowing. Shop eBay with KF7LZE

Even if you can’t help out, I appreciate your visiting and reading, and hope you find the content on this site useful. Keep coming back as I’m always up to something and new articles and posts come out regularly. Thanks!

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