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Harmony H500 Solid State Guitar Amplifier Repair

And now for something a little different, this time it’s a vintage guitar amplifier: the Harmony H500. The owner sent it to the shop out of the cabinet to be serviced since it quit putting out any sound. It’s a … Continue reading

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DIY Replacements for Vintage Couplets and Printed Electric Circuits

Starting in the ’50s, they’d figured out how to start miniaturizing components. “Couplets” and “printed electric circuits” started showing up in equipment around then. These components were combinations of several resistors and capacitors in a single package. Like most components … Continue reading

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Modern Hand Made Vacuum Tubes

Enterprising French amateur Claude Paillard , F2FO, creates beautiful modern vacuum tubes by hand in his shop. These would be effective as an 01A replacement or similar in an early radio. It’s a real work of art. Check it out!

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Phase Linear 2000 Pre-Amp Overhaul

Cross-posted from Rain City Audio: I had a Phase Linear 2000 through my shop lately. It was running okay, but had some pops and clicks and the controls weren’t all that smooth. Time for an overhaul before anything worse cropped … Continue reading

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What do you get from a $25 multimeter?

Fred Clift wrote over on his blog about why it’s worthwhile to pick a more expensive multimeter. He’s comparing a $200 Fluke to a $6 Harbor Freight multimeter, which really is a no-brainer. I’m not sure the Harbor Freight model … Continue reading

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1956 Grundig 8080 German Hi-Fi Console Repair

Cross-posted from Rain City Audio: German radios like this one are a lot more difficult to work on than most American and Canadian radios, and they’re a lot less common, but they do turn up once in a while. This … Continue reading

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Wherever you go – you’re headed for FUN with Motorola Portables

No matter where you’re going, you’re headed for more Fun with a Motorola Portable! They play anywhere – on their own batteries or on house current. You’ll like the dependable performance that comes from the ruggedly built chassis and shock-resistant … Continue reading

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