With T-Mobile, Old is New Again

Right on the heels of the launch of the new iPhone 6, T-Mobile announced another round of initiatives to attract new customers and improve their service. And let me tell you, it really is pretty revolutionary: free WiFi calling and texting on every phone, from any connection anywhere in the world – with seamless hand-off from wifi to cellular if you go out of range. This is FANTASTIC. No more reception issues in basements or shielded buildings where there’s poor service. No international roaming charges or losing contact when you leave the country.

Just one thing, though: my T-Mobile G-2, launched in 2010, had this same feature! It was one of my favorite things about T-Mobile, and the G2 phone itself, and I was incredibly disappointed when the non-knowledgeable retail salespeople at the local branch office assured me that all T-Mobile phones in 2012 supported this, no problem, it’d be just fine! It turns out they were “incorrect”, and I’ve been without this important feature for a few years. It came in handy at home, where I could switch over to wifi and use much less battery power; and it was very handy while traveling to the Philippines for work several years ago without losing touch with my U.S. contacts.

I wonder what took them so long to roll it out to a broader audience. Regardless of why, though, it’s here now! If you’re shopping for a new carrier, I couldn’t recommend anyone above T-Mobile. I’ve been a completely satisfied customer for over 6 years starting with the original Android phone, the G1, and look forward to what they’ll come up with next.




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