Australian TV Tuner Offers 4 RTLSDR Tuners in One Internal Card

Over at is a report of a fascinating development with the DigitalNow Quad DVB-T Receiver, apparently well suited to working as a very powerful multi-SDR solution.

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Digital Now Quad DVB-T Receiver ( works. It’s a PCI-e card with 4 tuners on it, linked up internally via USB. This has pleased me no-end – I might finally be able to get DAB+ working on my media centre!

I had to add the following line to librtlsdr.c

{ 0×0413, 0×6680, “QuadDVBT” }

I wouldn’t be surprised if this patch makes its way onto the slightly more user-friendly Windows pre-compiled drivers before too long. If you live in Australia, or don’t mind paying for shipping, you could have one for AU $179, with the Australian Dollar roughly at parity to the U.S. version. For $45 per tuner it’s a great looking integrated solution and is much more elegant than a USB hub and a stack of dedicated dongles. Looks like this one has a PAL connector.


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