Odd Web Site Behavior

I’m moving towards hosting the majority of my content on an on-premises server, versus the mix of hosted services I’m using currently. I’ve been running into some issues, though, that maybe one of you who is reading could help with…

The issue appears to be: some users, for no particular reason I’m able to identify, are unable to access any of my web sites.

My web domains are pointed at my server’s public, static IP address. The DNS records are valid, and DNS resolution works as expected always returning the correct address. The server responds to ping, and can complete a trace route. But, for users who this problem effects, it’s as if the server doesn’t respond. From my mobile device, for instance, I receive an Error 504 Gateway Timeout, the cell phone network’s caching proxy can’t receive data from my server. Port scanning reveals the ports are open and accepting connections on the server, but bonnection requests time out with no received data from a system on a Time Warner connection, as well.

This is all occurring while other users are logged in and actively using some services, so it seems unlikely to be an issue with the server itself failing. Even more vexingly, it’s intermittent. My mobile web site was working yesterday. It is not working today, from my cell phone.

If anyone has troubleshooting suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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