Want to Buy: 1931 Westinghouse Power Transformer

I’m seeking a replacement power transformer for a 1931 Westinghouse WR-8 Columnaire grandfather clock-radio.

The radio uses the tube line-up 24 24 27 24 24 27 45 45 80; any similar 9-tube radio with a similar tube line-up is likely also sufficient. The Westinghouse radio uses the same chassis as the Radiola 80, shared by many models.

The main power transformer from any of these contemporary models will work:

RCA: Radiola 80, 81, 82, 86
Westinghouse: WR-5, WR-6, WR-7, wR-8
Graybar: 700, 770, 900
General Electric: H-31, H-51, H-71
Majestic: 90-B (*90 with no suffix is not compatible)

Period service replacements are:

Stancor P-713 (direct replacement)
Stancor P-6006 (universal replacement)

Electrical specifications:

Line to 700V (350-0-350) @ 120 mA
5VAC center-tapped 3A
2.5VAC center-tapped 12.5A
2.5VAC center-tapped 3.5A

Please reach out via the e-mail address on my About Me page if you have one of these components for sale!

Ron Potter/Radio Attic Archives

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3 Responses to Want to Buy: 1931 Westinghouse Power Transformer

  1. Scott W. says:

    Are you still looking for a P-6006 Stancor transformer?

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful information with people.This blog is realy helpful for us.Thanks again.Keep sharing this type of information.

  3. Kevin Henne says:

    I’m enjoying the benifits of HD radio with my 2 tube radios. Bought two small Insignia Portable HD Radios NS-HD01($30) and 3.5mm stereo to RCA Jack adapter for the GE. So that on the ‘phono’ selection I can play HD radio on both the GE LF-116 & Farnsworth K-262P. The GE pulls in KIXI fine but sometimes in my basement the Farnsworth can’t get 880AM, in both the sound quality is amazing. (You get HD stability in signal and the warm tube sound, best of both worlds) For my needs this was a easier solution than setting up a AM transmitter (http://antiqueradio.org/transmitter.htm) These small HD radios get poor reviews from folks that try to use them while running/jogging, but for use in a static location they work great. -Kevin

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