Big Antennas on Cars Photo Round-Up

I liked KC3RE’s VHF rover enough, I went looking for other interesting car radio installations. There’s quite a few!

This Ford Escort has a pretty inconspicuous setup.

This isn’t the same vehicle, but it might be similar:

Car blog Jalopnik details a hobbyist who crammed $25,000 of gear into a $500 car. Artcar shares some photos of the interior.













Radio operator KC8HZM put a small antenna on of his Festiva.

AB7FH has a large antenna belonging to N0LRJ’s “Radio Active Samurai”.

This Toyota Sienna van makes me think my own Honda Odyssey would look better with some large antennas on top of it.

Enthusiast site “Hamsexy” has quite a few good antennas mounted on trucks, including a pretty clean looking Chevy Avalanche setup.

It would definitely be eye catching to see one of these rolling down the street.

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2 Responses to Big Antennas on Cars Photo Round-Up

  1. I’d like to use some of these extreme radio pics for a website promoting a product I’ve developed called CellTenna. Basically, a way to do remote base via a cellphone and avoid the big antennas and clutter in the car. So I’d like to know who I can get permission from to do that. Thanks – Brian

    • jwk says:

      Since they’re all from different sources, you’ll have to do a big of leg-work to find out. For the photos posted with callsigns attached, you could search the database at to find their snail-mail contact information (it’s public information linked from the FCC’s online database); you’d have to click through to their web sites and do a bit of legwork to find their e-mail addresses, although those may be listed as well if the operator in question has registered a personal profile with and added additional information to it.

      I’d like to hear more about your product as well, that sounds interesting.

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