Wanted: Band Switch Rocker Arm Lever from Grundig 5399 or 8000-series Radio [Repair]

I’m having trouble coming up with a replacement part necessary to bring my client’s Grundig 5399U/S back to life, so I turn to the Internet to help.

Part of the band switch assembly is a rocker arm which spans the length of the chassis and allows the radio to switch between AM and FM. This piece of the mechanical linkage was made with very poor-quality metal on the Grundig 5399 radio and the part has degraded into dozens of tiny pieces which cannot be readily reassembled. If anyone reading this has, or knows where to locate, a Grundig 5399 rocker arm or pattern to recreate one please leave a comment and I’ll be in touch.

The rocker arm from any Grundig 8000-series console chassis from the mid 1950s is also a suitable replacement, and I am interested in any 8000-series parts chassis if one of those is available as well. The part looks like this:

Leave a message if you have any leads! Thanks.


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4 Responses to Wanted: Band Switch Rocker Arm Lever from Grundig 5399 or 8000-series Radio [Repair]

  1. Frank Balkus says:

    It seems impossible to find the antique parts for the classic Grundig Consoles, I am restoring my parents SO 120 U console, I need a phonograph cartridge, as well as the brass flying V logo that said STEREO on it.If you get lucky finding anything please get back to me and let me know..thanks

  2. Willy says:

    Well, gluing it together with JB Weld didn’t work. Still looking for a solution.

  3. Willy Marshall says:

    Did you ever find a rocker arm or get one fabricated? A friend is restoring a 5399 U/S also and his rocker arm is broken in 3 pieces but he is gluing it back together with JB Weld and some flat metal. Doesn’t know yet if it will work.
    Also did you ever get a schematic for the 5399? I’d love a copy if it isn’t too much trouble.

  4. joe says:

    You should put an ad in Antique Radio Classified magazine.

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