July Projects

July is always a pretty busy month – it’s finally summer in the Pacific Northwest and so my attention is divided between my electronics work and spending time in the great outdoors. I have a few things in the pipeline for the month of July which I hope to accomplish.

First, a client has brought me their Grundig 5399U/S radio from 1965 for repair. It has some severe mechanical issues and is currently holding for parts, but it will be featured in a repair article later if they come through.

I’ll also be fixing this Bose 901 Series 1 Active Equalizer, brought to me by a friend whose vintage hi-fi speakers started to experience distortion. It turns out modern capacitors can fail too!

Finally, I hope to fix up my early ~1931 General Electric J-105 antique radio. It’s in beautiful cosmetic shape looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor, but the electrics are predictably dead after 81 years and will need reconditioning.

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