Welcome Back!

I’ve been offline for a bit as I’ve been too busy at my career to do much on the side. My workload has died down a bit and I’m back at it. Currently on my bench is a Philco 38-C-12 “Coronation” model.  It’s a Canadian model, with a 25-60Hz power transformer, but other than that it’s identical to the US model 38-12 code 121.

The tube line-up is 6A7 78 75 41 84. This was on the more economical side of price, and only one of the two IF transformers is located above the chassis and properly shielded. The other IF transformer is unshielded below the chassis and has some very specific lead dress instructions for professional service.

Again hinting at the economy nature of this radio, there are only a handful of capacitors that are immediately suspect. The unshielded IF transformer is visible at the bottom center of the radio, mounted perpendicular to the tube sockets.

The tuner on this model is nearly seized. It’s uncommon for them to be this badly stopped up, but not unheard of. I’ll be replacing this radio’s bad paper and electrolytic capacitors and cleaning and re-string the dial and tuner. Stay tuned, I’ll also have some more about exactly which coronation they’re talking about.

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