March Projects

February was a pretty slow month for projects, about the only one I managed to accomplish was fixing the Firestone car radio. March should be a bit more productive, though. I have a list of a few projects I’m planning to try and complete.

First up, a pair of Grunow radios that are vastly similar to the pair of 589s that I’ve fixed in the past – a Grunow 566 and a Grunow 588. The 588 even has a Teledial.

I’ll probably also start working on a a Jewel radio that was a Christmas gift:

I also have a kit amplifier left mid-project, I’ve mounted the iron and hardware but none of the connections or components yet. (It’s a stereo amplifier with a 6SN7 dual triode driving a pair of 6V6 in push-pull for each channel, and should sound pretty good when complete.)

Plus other projects that seem interesting along the way. Stay tuned!

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