The LavenHanger: Natural Lavender Sachets from Seattle

A friend has a new business venture I’m really excited about and wanted to share with everyone here. He’s making multipurpose lavender sachets for indoor use in your bedroom, closet, car or anywhere really using California lavender assembled right here in Seattle. I’ve been playing with my sample sachet for a week now and it’s really a great product that I highly recommend. I’m not typically one for intentionally bringing new odors into my living space but the LavenHangers smell great and also aren’t overpowering.

You can leave the LavenHanger lying about, put it in a drawer, or slip it over the loop of a hanger to hang with your clothes in the closet. Lavender is a natural insect repellent and repels bed bugs, moths and other pests you wouldn’t want around and it’s all natural so if you’re using it to protect your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals like the petroleum naptha in traditional moth balls.

They’re 3 for $20 available over at KalbCo, made in the USA. You should go check it out!

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