Don’t Let Congress Destroy the Internet

I tend to stay away from political commentary on my blog, but this is too important not to talk about. The PROTECT IP act currently the subject of hearings in Washington, D.C. is set up for a fast-track to pass. Testimony from the technology industry is being prohibited in the committee, so technologists and infrastructure companies aren’t being allowed to have any say in the bill that will effectively set up the “Great Firewall of America” and allow Hollywood to become the ultimate arbiters of what content isn’t allowed to be posted online, backed up by the Department of Homeland Security. Unless the possibility of spending five years in Federal prison because you posted a video of yourself singing a cover of a pop song to YouTube is something you enjoy, it’s time to take action.

Send this form letter, or write your Congressman a personal message. Don’t let the Government, in partnership with the entertainment industry, execute a power grab possibly exceeded only by the PATRIOT act.

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