October Recap

Recapping the projects I completed in the month of October. I started out with a few goals:

  • GE LF-116 Radio Repair
  • Sanyo Solid-State Receiver Repair
  • EICO 460 Oscilloscope Overhaul and Tune-Up
I jumped tracks in the middle of the month driven by parts availability and a few new projects I picked up and ended up accomplishing a different set of things:
I fixed up a beautiful 1940 RCA Globetrotter A-20 radio, designed by noted industrial designer John Vassos.
And a private-label rebranding of a 1935 Mission Bell model 35 TRF radio.
I also fixed up another 1963 GE T-210B similar to one I did a few months ago, no photo of that one again. So, in conclusion, I accomplished 33% more projects than I set out to do during October, but only 25% of these projects were on my original project plan for the month. The scope and the Sanyo are bumped to November’s projects, and as one of the projects I’ll describe in a few days is definitely going to require the scope to complete, I don’t have any excuse for not getting around to it this time.
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