October Projects

September was a good month for projects. I accomplished all the things I set out to do and more:

I have a few projects queued up for October which should be equally interesting.
There’s a Sanyo 2050 that I’m working on for a friend, it needs the controls cleaned:
I’ll be repairing my 1941 GE LF-116 console radio that’s been a display piece in my office for about a year. Pre-War FM Consoles are relatively rare, this is yet another one the Radio Museum doesn’t have a photo of, so I’m especially excited to repair this one and contribute the photos to the collection. Personally, I find this style of radio to be less attractive and interesting than others – post-1940 most consoles started to look all the same – but the fact it has the earlyFM band makes it interesting enough from an engineering perspective to offset the aesthetics.
Along with the GE radio, I need to refurbish my EICO 460 oscilloscope to do a full FM alignment on this radio – so I’ll be replacing the capacitors, out of spec resistors and any weak tubes. It “works” currently but it’s unstable, it’s only a matter of time before it stops working. I’ll have to recalibrate it as well.
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