Project Idea: 1920s Style Seashell Horn Speaker

Browsing around the Antique Radio forums, I ran into inspiration for a new project I intend to work on. My project plate is pretty full in October, but I’ll probably get to it before the end of the year. The idea? A horn speaker out of a seashell, like they made in the ’20s.

This article clipping from the ’20s shows the general idea, mount a phone driver to the bottom of the shell and pipe the sound in through a drilled hole in the bottom, letting the shell’s natural acoustic properties amplify the volume. The 2010 Radiofest featured a few examples of originals:

and a hobbyist on the forum replicated their work with his own take using a driver from that time period mounted on a wood base:

Since I already own a Triton’s Trumpet shell, the same as the ones in the Radiofest photo, this should be an easy and interesting project. I’ll write it up when I get to it.

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