Don’t like 3D, but still want to watch 3D movies in the theater?

There’s a fix for that!

I don’t like 3D movies. I can feel the amount of work my eyes are doing to focus on the movie the instant I put them on, and it gets tiring after only a few minutes leading to a great headache. This fact became especially relevant when going to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in IMAX 3D this weekend.

I’d rate the movie a 2.5/5, by the way. It was interesting, and pirate shenanigans are usually entertaining. But, it definitely had the sense of wringing as much money from the franchise as possible and the characters were considerably more one-dimensional than in previous films in the series, I thought.

I wasn’t looking forward to watching a 2 hour 16 minute film on a six story screen in 3D. Modern 3D projection systems use an image polarizer, with one lens polarized vertically and one lens polarized horizontally with the lenses in your glasses similarly polarized. The result is that each eye receives only the image intended for it and the stereo effect works. Armed with this knowledge, and with the fact that in my pocket were polarized sunglasses – with each lens having the same polarization – I wore the sunglasses instead of the 3D glasses, and both eyes received only one channel’s light. The result was a perfectly flat 3D movie, with none of the distortion or ghosting you see if you watch it with the naked eyes. The only downside is some very dark scenes were too dark, but I’d take the glasses off for those short segments.

If you don’t want the brightness reduction that comes with wearing sunglasses in a dark room, there’s a product that’s a pair of two similarly polarized lenses in each eye appropriately called 2d Glasses and you can have a pair shipped to your house for $10. I ordered a pair, more and more movies are coming out in 3D and I doubt it’s going away any time soon.

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