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EICO 221 VTVM Dial Scale

In a fit of clumsiness, I sent my EICO 221 VTVM flying off my bench and it struck the ground pretty hard. Not bad for its first major accident since 1959. Everything survived…except the sensitive meter movement, which snapped a … Continue reading

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Refurbishing Vintage Sansui SP2500 Speakers (Crossover Repair)

I’m always keeping my eyes out for interesting vintage hi-fi speakers from the ’60s-’70s, and found a nice set of Sansui SP2500s on Craigslist. Produced between 1960 and 1974, these beautiful walnut speakers are solid and very heavy – definitely … Continue reading

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Showcase: Homemade 1930s-Style AM Radio Transmitter

Fellow radio hobbyist Jon the Grimm built this beautiful “homebrew” AM transmitter using tube technology, in the style of an original 1930s radio transmitter. Operating under Part 15 regulations, his transmitter has achieved a short range – perfect for feeding … Continue reading

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Project Update: Digital Vacuum Tube Tester (2)

Another piece of the puzzle arrived over the weekend: a relay board that can be driven from a microcontroller. There are eight relays on this board that can pass up to 10A of current at 120VAC, or 10A of current … Continue reading

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Preserving Sand Dollars

While visiting the coast for a relaxing beach weekend, I went exploring and found a whole bunch of sand dollars on the beach. Taking a break from my electronics projects, I figured I’d preserve my finds for collection and display. … Continue reading

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Look at these bald eagles.

This is a live webcam on a nesting pair of bald eagles, with eggs that are going to hatch sometime in the near future. The live camera feed is available over at Ustream, where as of posting there are around … Continue reading

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