Look at these bald eagles.

This is a live webcam on a nesting pair of bald eagles, with eggs that are going to hatch sometime in the near future.

The live camera feed is available over at Ustream, where as of posting there are around 130,000 people watching.

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3 Responses to Look at these bald eagles.

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  2. Sally Koebel says:

    Hi J.W.,
    You are absolutely amazing! I read your blog with some regularity (not that I understand much of it) and always enjoy it, probably because it gives me some sense of connection to you. Grandpa Joe and I watched the eagles for quite a while and were fascinated. One egg is just starting to crack!

    I finally was brave enough to switch from a dialup to a DSL and I added more memory too, so I’m slowly coming in to the 21st century and enjoying it. Love.

  3. Jack Elliott says:

    Nice. That is a good camera with a nice close up view of the nest. Windy there right now! I can’t believe how many people are online viewing.

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