The Orion Space Capsule

I was looking for some files I thought might be on a flash drive, so I went through my stack of a dozen of them. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but did find some photos I’d misplaced and thought might be lost forever – of the Orion Space Capsule undergoing water stability testing in the Atlantic near Cape Canaveral, FL. The Orion capsule was the crew module of the Consellation program, designed to return men to the moon, which was regrettable cancelled by President Obama in 2010.

These photos were taken in the spring of 2009 (on a camera phone, I wasn’t prepared to see something this interesting) when I was working as the IT Manager for the defunct Las Vegas Casino Lines.

It’s a shame our nationally led efforts towards manned space exploration have been effectively terminated, it would’ve been interesting to see a return of men on the surface of the moon. I’m somewhat skeptical I’ll be able to see that even in my lifetime now.

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