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Clever IT Ad

A clever ad from IT firm CoBis, I think it’s worth sharing:

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Finding Meta-Data About Your SQL Database

A customer recently approached me with an urgent compliance request from their legal department: they needed to know, immediately, the size of their database stored in our servers, the number of tables existing inside that database, and the top five … Continue reading

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Antique Radio in “Firefly” Episode 2

I was watching Firefly the other day, and noticed something interesting. Firefly is set in the year 2517 centered around a small smuggling ship named Serenity manned by a crew of mercenaries, former freedom fighters, a pair of escaped convicts, … Continue reading

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Found: His Master’s Voice (HMV) 444 Radio

I’ve added a new radio to my collection, and I think I have a new favorite. This 1934 His Master’s Voice model 444 is a small 5-tube console with Medium-Wave (MW, also known as AM Broadcast) and Long-Wave bands in … Continue reading

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