Interesting Text Inconsistencies in SQL Server 2008 R2 Installer

I’m installing an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 to do some configuration testing and got to the step where you enter service accounts to run the server on the domain. I created a service account with limited access, but it hasn’t fully propagated to all of the domain controllers yet, so the credentials aren’t recognized yet and I’m waiting. But: for this test server, I’m using the same credential for both accounts. (In a production environment, this is contraindicated, but for testing it’s not a big deal.) Both attempts are the same error, and yet they’re worded slightly differently.

“The credentials you provided for the SQL Server Agent service are invalid. To continue, provide a valid account and password for the SQL Server Agent service.”


“The specified credentials for the SQL Server service are not valid. To continue, provide a valid account and password for the SQL Server service.”

After the account replicated to the other domain controllers on the network, I went back and placed an invalid password in only one box alternately. The SQL Server Agent box always returns the first message, the SQL Server Database Engine box always returns the second. They mean the same thing, obviously, but I’m curious why they didn’t just re-use the same text and replace a token; these look like each message was written individually.

Is it because people don’t like to hear the same thing repeated twice identically?


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